1969 Plymouth GTX Convertible Review Denver

1969 Plymouth GTX Convertible Review Denver1969 Plymouth GTX Convertible Review Denver

Those who are looking at some iconic and famous cars would most certainly have a soft corner for the various models of cars that have come out from the tables of Plymouth. Amongst the many such cars which have ruled the roads of the country for many years, there is no doubt that the 1969 Plymouth GTX Convertible is a car that is well and truly revolutionary in more ways than one. Hence it would be interesting to find out what the various 1969 Plymouth GTX Convertible Review Denver Colorado articles have to say about this car, its features, and functions and how it was accepted by the people in those days. It would be pertinent to mention here that this mid-sized care was first named as Plymouth Belvedere and it became trimmer and it was rechristened as the GTX 440. This was presumably to appeal to those who believed in class and sophistication combined with power and muscle. The car basically was created to answer the various problems with regard to the engine. It was an advertisement of sorts and it this was how the GTX convertible came into being. Let us now look at the various changes which gave a new look to this car.


A Look At Plymouth GTX Body And Various Fixtures And Fittings

The hardtop body which had two doors was changed and it was fitted with fiberglass hood scoops which were simulated. It also featured racing stripes which were optional. Additionally it also came with a grilled which was blacked out. On the rear fender there was a new open gas cap installed. The 150 mph speedometer in the dashboard was a new addition along with the electric tachometer which also was optional. Those who were at the helm of designing the car had a specific instruction coming in from the marketing and sales team. It was about finding out ways and means by which the cars were made to look as wide as possible. They also had clear instructions that quad lamps were a must on the body of the cars.


A Few More Plymouth GTX Take Away Features

The 365 gross horsepower engine was well and truly the talking point. This was not an easy task but Chrysler was able to manage it with the help of bigger valves and the heads were also redesigned. The extra large throttle bores also helped the engine to generate much improved power along with improve air cleaner, ports and valves which were oversized and a completely overhauled cast headers. All this was well and truly appreciated because the size of the engine was reduced by around 14 cubic inches without compromising on power and thrust one bit.


Changes Which Were Pertinent In The 1969 GTX Convertible

Come 1969 Plymouth decided to have an additional cold-air induction package. It also came with a new grille and the real styling was also given a new look. The car also came with a new heavy duty batter, hood scoops, exhaust trumpets and quite a few other such features. However, only around 15600 cars were sold to the customers in 1969. This was perhaps because those who were keen on muscled cars were happy settling for less expensive options. The mood was not exactly exciting and Road Runner was selling around 5 times more because of a price differential ranging from $2,900 to $3,415.


The Turnaround Of The Plymouth GTX – Did It Happen

In spite of the best efforts it would be pertinent to mention that 1970 was the last year as far as GTX was concerned and that too as a unique model. Some changes were made to the car. The grilles got a new look and the hood and fenders also were given a new look. All this however led to the price of the car being increased to $3,535 and this resulted in the phasing out of the slow selling convertible. Therefore it would be pertinent to mention here that this saw the end of the glorious GTX convertible and new models and variants came into the market.

However, at the end of the day whenever when one talks about the best convertibles to hit the roads of the country over the past five to six decades, there is hardly any doubt that the name of GTX convertible will always be talked about.


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