1954 Chevrolet 3100 Coca-Cola Pickup Denver

1954 Chevrolet 3100 Coca-Cola Pickup Denver

Thinking about buying a classic pickup? You can’t get more classic than the 1954 Chevrolet 3100 pickup! Here is what you should know about this model:

1954 Chevrolet 3100 Coca-Cola Pickup History

The 1954 Chevrolet 3100 Coca-Cola Pickup grabs the attention as soon you as you see it. That is not really surprising considering the curves and color of this truck which screams of a different era. The fact that it has the words “Coca-Cola” proudly placed on the side puts into question the history of the truck. Was it an old staple for Coca-Cola delivery services? Was it given away by the global company as a prize during the 1950s? Here is what you should know about this 1954 Chevrolet currently available through Steel Affairs Automotive.

A Rare Find

One thing you can’t dispute about this car: the 1954 Chevrolet is a rare find. Even at the time of its release, there were very few models made and distributed. This is why it is not surprising that the Pick-Up holds an undisputed ‘rare’ status in the classic cars department. The design for this car lasted only 2 years with the Chevy quickly changing to different models. Hence, there is very little chance that you would be able get another 1954 Chevrolet up for sale since most of them are highly prized possessions in personal collections of exotic car lovers.

Style and Furnishings of the Original

You might have a hard time spotting the descendants of the half-ton 3100 1954 Chevrolet for the simple reason that it was quickly overturned by the passenger cars. That doesn’t mean it is not a beauty though – its very uniqueness makes it a rare and much sought after find.

The whole car itself is unique, but if you want to go into details, we will start with the three horizontal grille bars divided in the center by a vertical grille bar. Unlike today, the parking lights are incorporated in the grille which makes it hard to find replacements –but we will get into that later.

Obviously, this Coca-Cola model is done in bright red as a mark of the famous brand. You will find though that more sedate colors are made – but not exactly available since they are very rare and are not always available for sale.

Generally, the 1954 Chevrolet has painted grilles, the outer ones matching the overall color of the body while the inner ones are done up in Argent Silver. The bumpers are done in Anvil Gray with that very slight curve on the center where the plate number is supposed to rest. During its release, the grille can be ordered in chrome but since this was an additional cost, very few buyers actually decided to make the purchase.

You will also note that the 1954 model has a one-piece windshield which makes it very different from the others, both later and newer models. The cargo box itself is redesigned to have higher walls and a flat rail instead of a sloping one. Hood ornament designs were changed and the taillights were turned into square-ish figures.
1954 Chevrolet Coca-Cola Pickup

Note that the style information provided above applies mainly to generally releases of the 1954 Chevrolet – if you can call this beauty ‘general.’ Since the Coca-Cola model is even rarer, you will be able to spot differences between this and the typical models. For one thing, the walls of the back portion of the pick-up boast of a ‘wood’ shade with small gaps in between. Other than the loud “Coca Cola” logo along the side, you can also distinguish the words “Delivery, Sales, Service” on the side of the hood. That is probably a good indicator of what the car was used for when it was brand new. The extra wheels located at the side also bear a different covering compared to the general Chevrolet 1954.

Under the Hood

Speaking for the technology of 1954, the 235.5-cid six was completely new at that time. It features insert bearings, high pressure lubrication and a higher compression than usual. It can be said that the 1954 Chevy is an interim truck – not just with its outward design but also the machine. It is not incorporated in many trucks and was the brainchild of the postwar era where trucks were more for utility than luxury. By late 1955, however, cars were now focused on the passenger with more room for people and personal items. The 1954 Chevrolet 3100 Coca-Cola Pickup falls smack dab in between these two eras, making it a clever combination of both generations.

Driving Experience

Made at a time when quality is considered to be of utmost importance, you will be glad to know that a properly cared for 1954 Chevrolet still works like brand new. Alright – not exactly brand new, but the transmission and smoothness of the drive remains unchanged with the use of new technology to rebuild an old-school engine. Obviously, all exotic cars must be tested before being purchased.

Some Warnings

Note that since the pickup is wonderfully rare, it can be tough to find spare parts of this particular model. With just 2 years of popularity and limited numbers of release, you will need lots of contacts in order to have specific items replaced.

Changes Made for Present Offerings

Of course, you can’t expect the original 1954 Chevrolet to still have all its original parts and engine. When it comes to pickups, it is not all about the exterior – it is also about how smoothly it drives and operates under your hands. The 1954 Chevy offered by Steel Affairs has a completely rebuilt engine and transmission and a buffed and cleaned body to make it as good as new. Although there have been decades since this beauty was released, this Coca-Cola pick-up managed to weather the years wonderfully takes to the careful attention given by previous owners.

Cost of the Pickup

The only thing left to ask is: how much would this classic cost? It would be hard to tell – considering the rarity of the find as well as the near-excellent condition of the pickup. Those who are interested are advised to contact Steel Affairs to get an estimate on the item. If you want to purchase through a private party, however, it is best to do it on escrow. Unfortunately, there are very few people nowadays willing to sell their classic 1954 Chevrolet pickup.

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1954 Chevrolet 3100 Coca-Cola Pickup