2005 Ford Mustang GT Denver

2005 Ford Mustang GT Denver

2005 Ford Mustang GT Premium Coupe

The Ford Mustang has revolutionized the symbol of performance cars since its introduction in 1964. Originally captivating people with its bold body design, dominant power, and an affordable price, this car quickly became an icon in the American automobile arena. The car received so much fame that it became an icon of pop culture in those days, showing an extreme level of class that went unmatched by any other rival group. Four decades, and a couple of revisions later, the same vehicle was launched into the market as 2005 Ford Mustang GT Premium Coupe; with features included to scintillate the imagination of everyone who lays their eyes upon it.

What’s new in the 2005 Ford Mustang GT?

After competing with the likes of Firebird, Camaro, and other vehicles, the Mustang was launched into the market with a clean sheet design theme that puts equal emphasis on both exterior and interior features. Apart from riding faster and looking more aggressive, this model has a whole new assortment of interior decoration elements that are meant to bolster both comfort and entertainment value.

This coupe is available in three trim levels – Deluxe, Premium, along with GT and GT Premium. The most advanced trim level consisting of every possible necessary and luxury elements is the GT Premium Trim.

2005 Ford Mustang GT Premium Coupe stands out from the pack because of the new Fox platform, which was widely anticipated but not quite appreciated when it first appeared in a 1978 model. Now, the GT Premium rides on a uniquely modified platform that combines the best features of Jag S-type and Lincoln LS platform. This has made the car gain 5.8 inches in wheelbase and 4.8 inches in length. However, width and height have been kept the same to keep the classic feel of this vehicle alive.

2005 Ford Mustang GT Exterior visuals and style

One of the main features that made the Mustang an icon in the American sports car arena is its outer body visuals. This release too comes with a short rear deck and extended hood that shows 40 years of the Mustang’s legacy. Consisting of many classic styling cues that have defined this model since the 60s, even today you will find the Ford logo emblazoned on the grille Centre, C-Scoops on each side, three-element taillamps, and the aggressive nose that defined the Mustang release in 1967. Almost every possible thing that you can imagine has been upgraded in the GT premium coupe that makes it stand out from its predecessor.

You’ll be getting brakes that are about 20 percent bigger, completely redesigned rear and front suspension that make for smoother and quieter rides. And not to forget, hard cornering and more precise steering. The cost friendly flashy Mustang design has not been removed but only modified to be better in every possible way. This vehicle is filled to the brim with new technology that will make every Mustang fan or just lovers of cars in general, scream out in excitement. It is both visually impressive and has robust build, which is exactly what hard-core fans of the Mustang series desire.

2005 Ford Mustang GT Interior decoration and technology

Moving inside of 2005 Ford Mustang GT Premium Coupe, the same level of quality that is present in its exterior can be found. The cabin of this model has been beautifully redone to appear more sporty as well as feel comfortable. The company has introduced an instrument panel with the option to choose from a collection of 125 colour schemes. More shiny materials have been placed inside that encompasses elements like steering wheel spokes, vent rings, and a couple of other locations. Due to a larger wheelbase and increase in overall size, passengers will get a lot more room to sit more comfortably than they could have in the previous version.

The bucket style seats are comfortable, and provide good retention in hard corners. Overall, the interior has a feel of a much more expensive model from another brand. Some technology and safety features that you’ll find in this model are:

• Aberdeen leather bucket sports seats

• 500 W Shaker audio system, CD and MP3 player

• Side impact airbags

• Color enhancement package

• Interior upgrade package

• Active Antitheft feature

2005 Ford Mustang GT Engine and performance

Under the hood of this car, you will find a 4.0 L V8 SOHC engine that is equipped with electronic throttle control and camshaft timing. It is capable of delivering up to a maximum of 300 hp and torque of around 320 lb-ft. This engine is a lot better than the entry-level package that offers a V6 engine. It is paired with a five-speed transmission that takes the car from 0 to 60 mph in just 5.5 seconds. The brakes of GT Premium are about 15 percent larger than the brakes found in the older models, and they work well to control speed, especially in highway drives. The impressive brakes also make this type suitable for off-road driving as the vehicle itself comes with a full tire with a really strong grip on the road.

The overall build quality of 2005 Ford Mustang GT Premium Coupe has significantly improved which has led to smoother rides and greater comfort. The new suspension found in the rear makes use of coil springs and a Panhard bar and light in weight three-link design to keep things steady and quiet. If you opt for ABS, your package will automatically include traction control with an off switch that is mounted on the dash and is intended to be used in particular situations.

Overall impression of the 2005 Ford Mustang GT

The Ford Mustang has such a strong legacy of winning over its competitors that other sports cars in the US like the Camaro, Barracuda, Challenger, Firebird, and others have stood no chance against the older variants of Mustang. After 40 years of dominance, this series has perhaps established itself as the ruler of the mean streets with its sensational style, outstanding performance, and stellar handling mechanics that are not likely to be found in any other.

If you are a lover of powerful sports cars and do not mind going a bit overboard with technology and luxury features, then 2005 Ford Mustang GT Premium Coupe is a car that you must check out now. Rest assured, this model is every bit worth of the higher price as features present in this model is unparalleled.

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2005 Ford Mustang GT Premium Coupe